"Empowerment Builds Empires"” - Deson Teninchy

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About deson teninchy


Hailing from Hip-Hop's core, Brooklyn, NY, comes multi-talented musician DESON TENINCHY, aka Devon. Gifted with many talents, TENINCHY has worn many hats in the music entertainment industry, from Hip-Hop music artists to rappers, poets, music producers, and pop musicians. As an artist, TENINCHY has worked with various Hip-Hop heavyweights

Growing up in a musically inclined home, thanks to his equally talented parents, DESON TENINCHY was exposed to many genres. He grew up listening to Hip-Hop, Jazz, Salsa, R&B, Calypso, Reggae, and Doowop. As a youth, DESON TENINCHY spent hours watching his parents rehearse and perform; singing and dancing in various music groups taught him important foundational attributes like character, ambition, and integrity.

Some would call TENINCHY a street poet, while others say he's a bit unorthodox. But, that makes his music relevant and resonates with various communities. As a product of his environment, DESON TENINCHY was raised years beyond his youth, learning the dos and don'ts early in life. Such a unique point of view flows into TENINCHY's style of Rap Music, which parallels real life as he writes from his soul.

DESON TENINCHY was no exception to poverty and the dangers that lurked on various street corners in New York streets. He is street smart, educated, and passionate. He is known for aggressive delivery, metaphors, witty punchlines, and strong lyrical content. His music carries an inner-city point of view due to his experience in one of America's toughest cities to survive.

DESON TENINCHY is Co-Owner and CCO at Estate Entertainment Agency, servicing Bayonne, Newark, Jersey City, and New York. He is utilizing his vast knowledge to produce, create, write, and arrange great music, acquire and maintain talent, and manage business affairs, along with his Co-Owner, Nicole. TENINCHY is a well-rounded Hip-Hop artist and music producer that captures attention and entertains all through the arts.



"Empowerment Builds Empires"


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